Creating a Megabunk account

Creating a Megabunk account is easy. The first step is to register.
Before you register for an account on Megabunk, please make sure that your mail client can accept emails from Some anti-spam systems require that you approve certain email addresses or domains before they can send you emails. As creating a Megabunk account involves activating your account from an email, you need to allow messages from Megabunk before you get started.

At the top right of every page on Megabunk you should see "Login" and "Register" links. That is if you are not already logged in. If you are logged in then you need to log out before you can create another account. To get started click on the register link. This will take you to the registration page.

Image of the register link

Once you have arrived at the registration page you will see a form with fields that you need to fill out correctly.

Image of the Megabunk registration form

The first option is "Account type". There are three account types to choose from. The default is "Host". A "Visitor" account is for those who just wish to make contact with the other two account types, and also take advantage of some of the facilities such as favouriting. The "Host" account type is for those that want to promote their short term accommodation. In whatever form it comes. From hotels to camp sites. Finally the "Event" account is for those who wish to promote their events alongside the accommodation search results. Most of the fields on the registration form are validated as you move from section to section so if you have done anything wrong it will usually point it out.

The next step is to select a username. This is restricted to 20 characters and they must be alphanumeric (numbers and letters only). After that select a secure password. This also has a limit of 20 characters and is alphanumeric only. Make sure you mix numbers and letters in your password to make it harder for anyone to guess.

The first name and last name fields are there for information. You can decide whether you wish to display them or not in your profile. If you are a company or organisastion then you can put the name of your organisation in the name fields.

Next there are the gender and date of birth. Providing a correct date of birth is necessary because we use that in the sign up process to determine whether you are of the minimum allowed age to join Megabunk. It is optional to show your age on your profile.

You need to provide us with a valid email address. This is the address at which you will receive your Megabunk correspondence and more importantly to start with, the address that the account activation email will be sent to. If you are signing up as a Host or Event for the first time you will notice the words "10 available" show up beside the email field when you move to the next field. This is because you are allowed to create up to 10 accounts on a single email address. So if you run several inns in different locations or events, you can have a profile for each one that shares the same email address (larger organisations that require more than 10 accounts on the same email can apply to us through the contact form). There are benefits to doing things this way that are talked about more in the advanced member guide.

The next step is to provide your location. Start to type your location into the Town/City box and a list will drop down with suggested locations. As you type the list changes to reflect what you have already typed. As with the search box, you can type the words in any order and the suggestion list will even respond to partial words. When you see the location closest to you, select that item from the list by clicking on it. If you cannot find your location then look for a larger Town or City close to you. This process just sets your general location. You can refine your location to within a few feet when you set up your profile.

To complete things you need to tick the box agreeing to the Megabunk Terms and Conditions and type in the correct captcha code displayed. If you have filled out the form correctly you should see a button appear similar to the one shown below.

Image of the Megabunk join button

Click on the button to complete the registration process.
If everything went well then you should be taken to a page informing you that you have been sent an activation email. Go to your email client and click on the activation link within the email. This will bring you back to Megabunk and should tell you that your account has been activated. You will not be able to log in until your account is activated and the activation link has a life of about 48 hours. If you do not activate your account within this time period then your account will be removed fom the system and the username you selected will once again become available. The username becomes available again because it is considered that the account was never used, having not been activated.

The activation link within the email will work only once so multiple attempts at account activation will not work. Once it's activated, it's activated.

If activation is successful you will be sent an email containing your login information and also some introductory information to get you going. Please make sure that you do not share your login information with anybody else as information in the wrong hands could lead to a compromise to your account.

Once the Megabunk account creation process is complete you can go on to setting up your profile. "Host" and "Event" members need to take a few basic steps to get their profiles into an effective state. You can read our "Quick Setup Guide" or watch the video to be taken through the basic steps to get yourself going.

Quick Setup Guide (watch the video)

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