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Megabunk - Help
It is with sadness that we announce that Megabunk will be closing down on 31st December 2021. Unfortunately, circumstances and availability of resources mean that it is no longer viable. Thank you to all those that used the site over the years.
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Megabunk Help

Welcome to the Megabunk help page. If you find any bugs or have any problem then you can send us a message on our contact form

We have produced a few videos to help show you how to use the site as a member and a visitor. To learn how to use Megabunk as a visitor, watch the Megabunk User Guide video. Click on the link below:

The Megabunk User Guide:

If you want to advertise your Accommodation or Events for free and wish to set up an account then watch the Megabunk Quick Setup Guide to get yourself going quickly:

Megabunk Quick Setup Guide

To learn about all the features available to Host and Event members watch the Megabunk Advanced Member guide:

The Megabunk Advanced Member Guide:

Or alternatively browse through our guides below:

Megabunk User Guide

The Home page
Information and Statistics
Random profiles
Linking to Megabunk
Creating a link or link button
QR Codes
Types of results to return
Constructing your search terms
Selecting from the search drop down menu
Search results
Viewing results
Viewing results on the Google map
Snapshot of available dates
Refining your search
Dragging the search marker
Search notifications
Viewing Profiles
Profiles explained
Viewing a members Calendar
Signing up for Profile Notifications
Contacting Megabunk members
Contacting Megabunk
Removing Notifications

Creating a Megabunk account

Creating a Megabunk account

Quick Setup Guide

Logging in
Editing your profile
Basic info
Setting your location
Uploading images
Setting Criteria
Choosing Preferences
Viewing your profile
Return to help

Advanced Member Guide

Multiple accounts
Switching accounts
Linking to Megabunk
Creating a link or link button
QR codes
Facebook and Twitter updates
Changing your password
Changing you location
Editing your criteria
Criteria options
Setting a religion
Setting languages
Setting facilties
Editing your preferences
Showing a Google map
Showing a calendar
New calender dates available by default
Show gender and Show age
Show pricing
Show minimum stay
Allow public to register for notifications
Mail contact preferences
Agressive blocking
The megabunk messaging system
Favouriting and Blocking
Using the Megabunk calendar
Megabunk profile
QR bookmark code
Preferences and criteria in action
Broadcasting notifications
Password reminder
Closing your Megabunk account


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