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Agriturismo in Romagna Toscana - Megabunk
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First Name:Susanna
User type:Host
Accommodation:Holiday Resort/Camp
Joined:May 16th, 2012
Last Activity:May 16th, 2012
City/Town:Bagno di Romagna
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Agriturismo in Romagna Toscana

€30 - €60 per night .
The farm holiday structure Mulino di Culmolle is in a beautiful valley, beside the river Bidente di Pietrapazza, close to the National Park of the Casentinesi forests, Mount Falterona and Mount Campigna.

The valley was inhabited until the nineteen fifties , and became almost entirely abandoned in the later decades. Along the mule tracks, which are among the best-conserved of the entire Apennine belt around Forlė, you can cross humpback bridges, walk round water mills and ancient abandoned houses surrounded by the forest, which is now winning back all the space covered in the recent past by crop fields and grazing grounds.
The Mulino di Culmolle is a typical water mill of the area, with spoon shaped blades and stone grinder. Apparently the name “Culmolle” comes from “culo a mollo” (wet, soaked bottom), probably because the building’s main structure was built on the river shore.
The river power was also used to feed a small hydroelectric plant that provided all the households of the neighbourhood with electricity until the arrival of power lines. Unfortunately, in 1969, the mill was dismantled. In 1982 the Mulino di Culmolle became one of the first farm holiday structures of Emilia Romagna. Nowadays what remains of the ancient mill is just the outer structure made of stone and the millpond (bottaccio) feeding a turbine that produces 3 kw/h of electricity. The Mulino is a small 7 hectars (17.3 acres) estate, 300 mt (984 ft) asl, sorrounded by the woods where we gather our firewood; we also grow organic vegetables in the estate and feed, organically, chickens, rabbits, pigs, and a goat. The three buildings in the estate are the last human settlement before entering the woods and the forest.
Those who came to the Mulino di Culmolle have told us they have had the opportunity to get away from everyday life and look at the world from another point of view; they have told us they felt distant, but not insensitive to what was happening in the outer world. They have said they managed to dive into themselves, in that part of them which normally remains hidden under the superficial and short-term relations of “civilized” life.

The Mulino di Culmolle is a farm holiday structure, which is why we would first like to tell you the difference between a farm holiday structure and a normal restaurant. We take particular care about the quality of the food we serve, which, when not produced on our estate, comes from other farms of the valley. We try to bring out the value of local cooking traditions. You can find here, depending on the season and availability, “tortello alla lastra” (a sort of big ravioli with a filling of mashed pumpkins and potatoes, or ricotta (like cottage cheese) and green leaf vegetables, baked on a burning stone), home-made pasta first courses, green leaf vegetables tortelli (ravioli), our home made sausages and charcuterie, raviggiolo (fresh uncooked cow milk cheese), game and mushrooms.

In all, Culmolle can accomodate 18 people as follows:
an apartment with two double rooms, toilet/bathroom, settee with cooking facilities and fireplace (8 places);
a wooden bungalow with two double rooms and a bathroom (4 places);
three double rooms, each with bathroom and its own entrance (6 places);
There are also three campsites in the estate, with drinking water,BBQ and toilet facilities.
Prices – per person, per night – depending on the formula you choose:
Bed and Breakfast 30 euros
Half board 45 euros
Full board 60 euros
Children up to three are free
Children from four to 12 have a 20% price reduction.
Sleeping in your tent 8,00 euros
The price range for the apartment with kitchen goes from 104 euros for four people, to 144 for eight people a night.


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