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Welcome to the registration process. You must be over the age of 16 years to join Megabunk.
Fill out the details below to set up a new Megabunk account.
Start by choosing an account type below.
IMPORTANT: If you have to whitelist email addresses or domains before they can send you
emails then you need to include Megabunk.com addresses to be able to receive messages from us.

Account to search for accommodation and events Rent accommodation Promote events
Visitor account Visitor Account< /br> If you are coming to Megabunk to look for accommodation of all types, then this is the type of account for you. Host account Host Account< /br> If you have accommodation of any type and are looking for a way of showing it to the world then a Megabunk Host account is just what you are looking for. Become searchable and build mailing lists for your accommodation. Event account Event Account
If you have an event that you wish to publicise, then this is the account for you. You can use it as your hub of contact for events or just as a free descriptive listing that links to your website. Become searchable and build mailing lists for your events.
Visitor account selected

  Now select a username between 5 and 20 characters. Alphanumeric only.
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Email< /br>You can create up to 10 Host or Event accounts on the same email address. Visitor accounts are limited to 1 account per email address.
If you are a large organisation with more than 10 properties/locations then send us a message on our contact form (link at the bottom of the page) and we can increase the limit for your email.
Email :
Type a town or city that is close to you and select from the drop down list. Your location marker will be placed at a random location close to the area you have chosen.
Type the name of the nearest City or Town until that location appears in the list. Then click on the item in the list to select. If the City or Town you are typing doesn't appear then try another location with a greater population. Don't worry if it's not very close to your actual location. You can rectify this in your profile settings to within a few feet!
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